Daniel Geegraphic designer


Hi I’m Daniel Gee, a 26 year old self-taught Freelance Graphic Designer from Rotherham, South Yorkshire. Starting in 2008 I now have over 12 year’s experience specialising in digital and print advertising.

It all started with my passion for music I was 13/14 years old I would come home from school and using online chat platforms I would talk for hours with likeminded people and even the DJ’s and producers of the music I was listening to. During this time unique cool profile designs were circulating, I wanted to create something similar for myself and that’s when I got introduced to Adobe Photoshop. I would spend hours editing photos, making designs and learning the software I started sharing my work with friends they would ask for something and then I started getting random people I didn’t know adding me to request artwork.

This transitioned into my first ever paid client which was a DJ friend at the time he was planning on running a nightclub event in Chesterfield he asked if I would be able to design the posters and flyers to promote the event I still have the design to this day and it’s a fantastic reminder of how far I have come and how I ended up in a career I never thought I would get into.

Growing up I was never a creative/artistic kind of person that most people expect from a Graphic Designer. Throughout school I always wanted to be a fireman but by the time It came to decision time I was already building up some solid income from designing.

Over the next few years my client base, skills and income grew. I started to take things seriously. I decided to go to college and study a 2 year Extended National Diploma in Graphic Design I didn’t think I’d get anything from it but was hopeful that even if I took one thing away from it and applied to my business it would be worth it.

During college it was a major juggling act with my business. I got so busy with my own work I would stay up until the early hours working for clients then having to get up at 7am for a full day of college. Quite honestly it was hard doing both and I couldn’t wait to finish and focus on my own business. It was pretty clear to the tutors on the course I should leave and pursue my freelance business.

Fast forward to today I have a cherished client base of amazing people from all walks of life from some of the biggest and best nightclub promoters in the UK, Restaurant owners, Beauticians to plasterers and everything in between. I have had the amazing opportunity to work for what some class as the biggest music artists in the UK which is an incredible feeling working for people you grew up listening to.

2020 I have been focusing on expanding, I am taking on more corporate clients from small and large businesses. I am always open to discuss your requirements so let’s talk and hopefully we can create some magic together.